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Om Nagchampa Incense Powder 20gr Jar (Pack of 4)

Om Nagchampa Incense Powder 20gr Jar (Pack of 4)

Product code: 72844
UPC: 886354728445
Shipping Weight: 0.99 pounds
Height in Inches: 1.75
Diameter in Inches: 2
Unit: Pack of 4
Made In: India


Nagchampa in a natural powder form, made with the same quality ingredients found in the sticks. This gives a powerful burst of fragrance at a time. To use, simply pinch a small quantity of powder into a shape of a mound, light the tip and blow out the flame. The incense will then slowly smolder and release its fragrance at the same time. This incense can also be used with a charcoal tablet for a stronger burst of fragrance. To use simply light the charcoal tablet, place it in a suitable incense burner, then sprinkle some incense on the charcoal. As the incense melts on the charcoal, the fragrance is released. Each jar contains 20gm of incense. Sold in a carton of 4 jars.