BLJ Jewelry

We are thrilled to introduce BLJ Jewelry - a remarkable line of pendants, rings, earrings, and chains, skillfully crafted with high-quality Sterling Silver 925.

Kheops is your go-to wholesale source for spiritual jewelry! With over 700 BLJ jewelry items to explore, many adorned with semi-precious stones, enhancing the energetic properties of the pieces. From astrology earrings to chakra pendants and goddess-inspired treasures, there's a perfect match for every customer!

Please place your BLJ Jewelry orders separately from Kheops orders.
Minimum order: $100.00
Shipping Charges: $10.00 on all orders under $750.00(insurance included) Free shipping on all orders over $750.00
Payment Terms: Credit Cards or your Kheops payment terms if applicable

BLJ has a new PDF catalogs to shop from:

BLJ Catalog 2024