About Us

Founded in 1991, Kheops International, Inc. is a leading specialty importer, wholesaler and manufacturer of New Age and metaphysical gifts in the United States and Canada. Our products are among the best known and most-respected in the industry. We offer unique, high-quality, meaningful gifts and spiritual awareness tools for all areas of the metaphysical and well-being markets.

We started Kheops with just three products. Since then, our lines have expanded to include more than 3000 unique products. Things sure have changed a lot, but our commitment to the environment and promoting ethically made products at a great price never will. At Kheops it’s more than a product, it’s a lifestyle.

Our Story

To best explain our unusual story, which began in the summer of 1983, we will first need to examine our founder, Michael Deunov Cornellier. Michael was a public school educator who was disappointed with the system. He thought, “there must be other ways to raise children, with schools where children are nurtured in nature, where parents, teachers and communities work together to create a harmonious and sustainable environment.”

Keeping these principles in mind he developed a summer camp program in 1983 that was so popular the children did not want to go back to regular public schools. The children quickly convinced their parents to move together and in 1984, 30 families and 30 young adults gathered together to start an alternative school and an ecovillage in Ham-Nord Quebec, Canada.

This would lay the foundation for Kheops International’s corporate responsibility and our company’s philosophy of working together to create harmonious and sustainable environments, both locally and internationally.

Kheops International was founded in Quebec, Canada in 1991. At the time we only sold three of our Glass Art products: pyramids, incense holders and candle bases.

In 1994, Kheops International opened its USA division in Florida. We stayed there for nine years, working hard to increase our product selection and the Kheops brand. During this time it became apparent that we could better serve our customers and reduce our eco-footprint if we were closer to the parent company in Canada. The search for a new location was on. We found that perfect location in Colebrook, New Hampshire and moved the entire operation there in 2003.

At the helm are some of the students from Michael’s first summer camp. Today they are known as the green entrepreneurs. This group remains committed to the environment, to humane working conditions and to ethically made products. They have even established their own ecovillage in Colebrook the La Cite Ecologique of New Hampshire. Because at Kheops it’s more than a product, it’s a lifestyle.

Kheops' Mission

To provide Meaningful Gifts that stimulate consciousness, inspire beauty and create harmony, as well as, support environmentally sustainable and humane manufacturing practices whenever possible.

Kheops' Vision

To create a world of harmony, where a balance and a collaboration exist between people, as it exists in nature, with ethics, care and respect for our surroundings, people and nature.

Social Responsibility

Before being corporate officers, shareholders and employees, we are mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters and neighbors. We always have cared about others. This is why social responsibility is not only an integral part of our "business model"; it is our natural way of doing what we do. In addition to distributing meaningful gifts, our social achievements are another way to tell you who we are. For years, we have worked diligently to make our "corporate conscience" a reality, taking great care of our employees, close communities, customers and manufacturers. And we will continue to uphold that commitment to corporate responsibility.

Customer Service

Our qualified Customer Service is standing by to provide the highest level of service and to offer effective support to build your sales. It is our goal to make your shopping experience with Kheops both profitable and enjoyable.


Kheops' Eco-Actions

At Kheops International being green isn't just a corporate value it's our way of life. Our goal is to achieve a harmonious and sustainable environments, both locally and internationally in all our endeavors.

In the Lunch Room

  • - We compost: food scraps, coffee grounds, cafeteria napkins and hand paper towels.
  • - We don't use single-use food containers so we can diminish our waste.
  • - We offer sugar and milk in bulk containers for coffee, to reduce waste.
  • - We use ceramic mugs and dishes instead of paper, plastic or Styrofoam.
  • - We air-dry our dish cloths to save on energy use.

Office & Warehouse Recycling

  • - We recycle: plastic, metal, glass, cardboard, paper, catalogs, magazines, plastic bags, news papers, toilet paper rolls and their wrappers, old computers and peripheral equipment.
  • - We reuse packaging materials whenever possible.
  • - Our copy paper is made from 30% post-consumer recycled materials.
  • - We reuse our one-side-printed paper and old files.
  • - We return all empty ink cartridges and toner containers to be refurbished or recycled.
  • - Our brown packaging paper is made with 50-60% post-consumer recycled fiber, which is recyclable and biodegradable.
  • - We use corrugated shipping boxes, made of 30% recycled materials.
  • - Our catalog is printed with soy ink on 100% elemental chlorine free, acid free and 10% post-consumer recycled paper.
  • - We recycle all of our shrink-wrap and film plastic bags.
  • - We do our part and belong to the community Green Group to improve recycling in our community.
  • - We use 100% recycled area mats in our facility.

Cleaning & Lawn Care

  • - We do not use pesticides and chemical herbicides on our property lawns and flowers.
  • - We use natural cleaning products for the office.
  • - We use a reusable cleaning mop for our office floors.

Energy Supplies

  • - We have 204 solar panels, supplying at least 95% of our electrical needs.
  • - All fluorescent lighting has been replaced by more eco-friendly LED lighting.
  • - Heating is supplied by a bio-mass system using renewable wood pellets.
  • - Kheops' shareholders use renewable energies to heat water and produce electricity at home.


  • - We car pool whenever possible.
  • - We pool the errands to make fewer trips to the local banks, post office and stores, ect.

Impacting our Environment

  • - We offer our employees reusable shopping bags for their personal use.
  • - Kheops' New Products Department is constantly searching for new products with ethical manufacturing.
  • - We have planted 2,000 trees in Bali and after those are harvested, we will plant again. This helps reduce the planet's global warming and our footprint.
  • - We are partners with the EPA’s Waste-Wise program. Click here for our annual report
  • - We work with the food recovery challenge. Click here for our annual report