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Promotions are Back!!! July 1st to July 31st: In these uncertain times, we recharge ourselves in nature with the warmth of the sun. Add the power of these beautiful Gemstone Bracelets, each one with its own unique properties. Help your customers to create a personalized experience by combining different stones to enhance their energy levels. This July, save up to 30% with the "Kheops Promo-Bundle!"

Summer Clearance is here! "click here" for over 500 newly discounted items. Hurry up while supplies last!

Visit our Kheops Blog page to read our blogs on: "Ostara and Spring Equinox"

For a limited time all our "Himalayan Salt Products" are on Sale! We have cut the prices so you can restock your shelves after the long winter! Hurry this is only for a limited time!

Kheops is now carrying Bombay High Quality Natural Incense! Both Nitiraj Platinum and Om incense are honey-based with a mix of all-natural superior ingredients and fragrances, creating an aromatic slow burn with minimal smoke. These beautifully packaged incense and free "try before they buy" samples will keep your customer coming back for more. For a full demo and additional details, contact your local Account Executive. New quantity discount pricing on Om Incense, just in time for the Holidays! Click here to download PDF Version of the Bombay Incense Lines.

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