Ram and I were trying to figure out how long I have been buying from Kheops, and we think it's at least 10 years possibly even 15. But you're one of the main metaphysical type lines that I buy from and I absolutely love your product. From the time that I first met Bernard and we worked together until this moment now, I'm very happy with everything that I get from you and thank you very much for being there.

Sheila Edwards
Half Moon Bay, CA USA

Having worked with Kheops International for quite a few years now, it has been a breath of fresh air working with Ric Anderson this past year. It's like reconnecting with a new friend every time we have the opportunity to work with Ric. Ric and Kheops really care about the customers they service, wanting them to succeed, offering you all the support you could need to be a success in the metaphysical market. We here at Crystal Spirit look forward to the new products that Kheops brings to market every year with an inquisitive sense of excitement. The variety of the new items interwoven with some of the older products makes for a great variety of choices to choose from. One of our main focuses and loves at Crystal Spirit Spiritual Center LLc is on the stones, and the pricing and availability of the Selenite from Morocco is unmatched in the metaphysical and mineral world.Well done! Look forward to working with Kheops for years to come!

Charles and Deborah Klennert
Tacoma, WA USA
Crystal Spirit Spiritual Center llc

Crystal Spirit Spiritual Center LLC

Crystal Spirit Spiritual Center LLC

Mockingbird Moon

I love working with Kheops. They've got beautiful selections, quality product and I know that it's all fair trade and sustainably resourced, so I know it's comes from people who love what they do. My sales rep is great, and every time I call the company they're a joy to deal with. Love you Kheops! I've been buying from you for years.

Maegan Day
Ventura, CA USA
Mockingbird Moon


I've always loved doing business with Kheops. Kheops is a great company with lots of variety, great products and a lot of integrity. So congratulations Kheops! I hope you're here for a long time. Thank you.

Emory Michael
Monterey, CA USA
Luminata Books