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Dreamcatcher Gem Beads No Tears Assorted Colors (each)

Dreamcatcher Gem Beads No Tears Assorted Colors (each)

Product code: 30038
UPC: 886354300382
Shipping Weight: 0.05 pounds
Length in Inches: 10
Diameter in Inches: 2.5
Unit: asst'd
Made Of: feather
Made In: Bali
Warning: Our dreamcatchers are not Native American made.


This petite dream-catcher is made of leather and decorated with semi-precious stones, colorful beads and genuine feathers. Available in assorted colors.


Dream catchers are an ancient spiritual tool used to protect the sleeper from bad dreams. A dream catcher should be hung over the place you sleep and where the morning light can hit it. All dreams will then filter through the dream catcher, where good dreams will glide down the feathers to the sleeper below and bad dreams will get caught in the web and be destroyed by the first beam of morning light.