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Magnetic Copper Bracelet - Phoenix & Dragon - Antique Copper (Each)

Magnetic Copper Bracelet - Phoenix & Dragon - Antique Copper (Each)

Product code: 95292
UPC: 886354952925
Shipping Weight: 0.06 pounds
Width in Inches: 0.38
Unit: Each
Made Of: Copper
Made In: China
Warning: Kheops Magnetic Bracelets are not being sold as a Medical Device or making any medical claims. The information provide is for educational purposes only. We cannot guarantee that using our magnetic bracelets will relieve your particular ailment. Magnetic bracelets should not be worn by young children, pregnant women, and people with electrical implants, pacemakers or insulin pumps. 


Our Magnetic Copper Bracelets have six high-powered magnets, three on each side. Each magnet measures 2,000 to 3,000 gausses. Available in 3 antique finishes: copper/copper, copper/silver or copper/gold. The adjustable cuff design fits most.