Gemstone Lamps

Besides providing an overall aesthetic appeal to any home, Himalayan salt lamps also provide excellent health benefits as well. Our salt lamps improve the overall air quality of any room by embedding the air with negative ions, which help clear the air of dust, bacteria and other hazardous particles in the air. This can ultimately lead to an increase in relaxation and productivity, while boosting blood flow, increasing energy levels, improving quality of sleep and heightening your mood.

Our wholesale himalayan salt lamps are individually unique. Discover the large energy and ultimate powers of himalayan salt lamps. Kheops offers a large selection of himalayan salt lamps wholesale for retailers that varies in size, shape, and purity. One of a kind salt lamps makes each one special on its own. Find the one best suited for your store and customers. Other popular items include our wholesale crystals and rocks. Again, each stone is unique and offers something different to each individual. We have healing crystals and symbolic stones of many kind.

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