Our Lifestyle

La Cite Ecologique of NH is located in the beautiful North Country region of New Hampshire, and is surrounded by a few summits of the chain known as the White Mountains.


  • La Cite Ecologique of NH started in Colebrook, New Hampshire, in 2003. As of now, the group has grown to 36 people, including children.
  • Inspired by La Cité Ecologique of Ham-Nord, La Cite Ecologique of NH Ecovillage is formed with previous residents of the Ham-Nord Ecovillage. In 1994, the second-generation residents from the Ham-Nord group decided to open a U.S. branch for Kheops International. This was the start for them to put in practice what they had learned with their previous apprenticeship in La Cité, but with a vision of their own.
  • When moving to Colebrook, the parents of young children decided to build a private elementary school for them, with the active help of Michael Deunov Cornellier. The resulting Universal School of Life is based on the respect of Mother Earth (That is where the name comes from) of all people and all religions. Eventually, the school will be more largely open families whose parents are in tune with the same values and are highly committed to being role models for their children.


  • Our goal is to develop ecovillages that give priority to education of children of all ages and to sustainable development based on the respect of all living forms.

Our Objectives

  • Give a balanced education to children where they will learn how to apply the laws of nature in their daily activities and relationships with their peers, parents and other community members. Teach them to develop their skills physically, emotionally, intellectually and spiritually for their well being and to form a new generation that will be able to generate new ideas and resources for a better future.
  • Integrate a supportive social, cultural and spiritual way of living, fully respectful of each other.
  • Promote “responsible” produces, products and services, based on sustainable development.
  • Practice organic farming and protect our land and forest from chemical products.
  • Maintain fulfilling ways through which residents of different generations can enjoy working for the same ideal, inspired by universal principles.
  • Maintain a harmonious and healthy environment by offering good living conditions and enhancing communication and friendly relationships between people.
  • Reach up at least 70% of sustainable energy sources (for power and heat) in our buildings.
  • Participate to the economic development of our region and community, and improve its sustainability.
  • To be responsible for our actions, and to be consistent with our social values.
  • Accomplishments so far

    • Creation of our School.
    • Adapting our living quarter to share meals, and other physical resources with other members. Houses, cars, maintenance equipment and more.
    • Healthy and organic meals are offered daily to all group members.
    • Setting up New Earth Organic Gardens with approximately half and acre of organic garden, building 2 greenhouses, planting a small apple orchard and other berries.
    • Setting up a chicken coop.
    •  Setting up a collective kitchen where meals are prepared for the village members
    • Share (rather than own) as much equipment as possible, such as copier machine, vacuum cleaner, lawn mower, car wash, mechanic garage, and home appliances etc.
    •  Distribution and installation of sustainable energy systems (e.g., solar and wind)
    • Use all food waste to make compost for our gardens
    • “Recycle” and “reuse” as much as possible
    • Purchase by the case (saving extra packaging of individual packs)
    • Purchase “organic” and “fair trade” products when available
    • Use natural and biodegradable cleaners, soaps and shampoo in our daily lives
    • Purchase “energy efficient” appliances
    • Use recycled paper.

    La Cite Ecologique of NH Businesses

    • Kheops fabrication and worldwide distribution of meaningful gifts for the development and improvement of our spirit body and soul.
    • Thirty-eight new jobs have been created since the beginning of our activities in 2003
    • Sales of natural food and gifts in our retail shop.
    • New Earth Organic Farm: production and transformation of vegetables and fruits.
    • Smart Energy: Installation of Solar power equipment
    • Recycling of old wood pallet