Kheops International 24/7 Giving

Welcome to 24/7 Giving, the outreach fundraising project sponsored by Kheops International. Our goal is to lend support to the communities where our customers and business partners work and live.

24/7 Giving, the outreach fundraising project sponsored by Kheops International will be giving out a grant of $1000 to one lucky winner on Friday October 31,2014.

Do you have a favorite charity or organization that you would like to nominate? 24/7 Giving sponsors hunger programs, environmental programs and educational programs at all levels be it local, state or national.

To nominate your favorite charity fill out the short application form. Nominate as many charities as you would like! If you need assistance or have a question please call Mylene at 800-215-8705 Ext: 4720.

Our approach is to focus on local issues that are most urgent within these communities. All our fundraising projects will be chosen by you, our valued customers and friends. Who better to guide us on what is needed in a state or community than its residents? If you want to help, please fill out an application form today and suggest an outreach fundraising project.

Our outreach fundraising project focuses on three priority areas:

We support:

  • Hunger programs
  • Environmental programs
  • Educational programs

Our outreach fundraising project efforts are guided by four beliefs:

  • We believe in giving back. We understand that our success relies on the people and communities we work with.
  • We believe in protecting the environment. We understand the need to reduce our carbon footprint, and we make it a priority to source out companies that support sustainability.
  • We believe our efforts should have a direct impact on improving lives and the planet.
  • We believe that when people unite, all problems can be solved.

How will we do it?

  • By hosting and matching all outreach fundraising project donations.
  • By featuring a "fundraising item of the month" and donating 5% of all sales.
  • By bringing international attention to the issue(s) brought to us by you through our website, which enables donations 24/7.

Click here to see how Kheops, and its international community, have lent support to the victims of Hurricane Sandy, the Colebrook Lunch Program, the NYC Food Bank, as well as environmental and social projects in Vancouver, Montreal, Toronto, Bali and India.

Thank you and do not hesitate to contact us at if you have any questions, or comments about the program.

Visit us regularly to give to those in need!