Turquoise Powder Figurine 1.5-inch Lakshmi  (each)

Turquoise Powder Figurine 1.5-inch Lakshmi (each)

Product code: 33625
UPC: 886354336251
Shipping Weight: 0.05 pounds
Height in Inches: 1.75
Width in Inches: 1.25
Depth in Inches: 0.75
Unit: each
Made Of: Turquoise Powder
Made In: Nepal
Symbol: " Lakshmi is the personification of the ultimate truth, the mother of all. Her upper right hand holds a mirror, which signifies self introspection; the lower hand makes the Varadra mudra, the gesture of giving prosperity and abundance. The upper lefts are holding the vermilion pot, a sacred symbol of fertility and the Abhaya mudra grants fearlessness."



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