Product code: 98600 - Gemstone Pendant Third Eye Agate (each)

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Gemstone Pendant  Third Eye Agate  (each) UPC: 886354986005
Shipping Weight: 0.01 pounds
Height in Inches: approx. 1
Width in Inches: 0.75
Unit: each
Made Of: Semi-Precious Stone
Made In: India
Inventory Status: Back Order
This natural agate pendant, also called Shiva Eye, is housed in place by a silver band and will attach easily to any chain or cord. Size and shapes may vary as this product is natural.
Use this pendant to repel negativity and prevent psychic attacks. When worn close to the body it can stimulate psychic abilities.
This natural agate also called Shiva Eye, is used to repel negativity, and prevent psychic attacks. The third eye never close, it sees beyond appearances. When carried close to the body, it can stimulate psychic abilities and develop awareness of the Divine without losing the connection to the Earth. This stone is used for general protection.
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