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VitaJuwel Via Gempod - Emoto Crystal - Passion (Each) UPC: 886354022345
Shipping Weight: 0.50 pounds
Height in Inches: 3.5
Diameter in Inches: 2.5
Unit: Each
Made Of: Glass - carnelian - halite salt
Made In: Austria
Warning: NOT diswasher safe
Inventory Status: Back Order
Dr. Emoto’s drive was to raise people’s passion for vital water. We deeply share this goal. To honor Dr. Emoto's lifetime achievements, we created this matchless combination of vibrant Carnelian (the “Stone of Life” in Ancient Egypt) and Halite (the “Salt of Kings”). Carnelian plays a leading role in the famed crystal healing tradition of 12th-century Benedictine abbess St. Hildegard of Bingen. Like no other stone it symbolizes the joy of living. Open yourself to his exquisite gemstone blend and absorb its radiating joy with every passionate sip of gemwater.