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Tibetan Singing Bowl Set  Wheel of Life   (each) UPC: 886354315102
Shipping Weight: 1.35 pounds
Height in Inches: 2
Diameter in Inches: 4.5
Unit: each
Made In: Nepal
Singing bowl is one of the ritual objects of Tibetan Buddhism. It has therapeutic value as well. The sound therapy from Singing bowls is use in meditation, healing & prayers. Traditionally the bowls are made of seven metals, each of the metals denotels the planets. Gold: the Sun, Silver: the Moon, Mercury: Mercury, Copper: Venus, Iron: Mars, Tin: Jupiter and Lead: Saturn.
The Dharma wheel is the eightfold code of conduct to attain liberation from suffering and happiness. It includes:right view, right intentions, right speech, right action, right livelihood, right effort, right mindfulnesss and right concentration. Our dharma is to be free from suffering