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Mini Turquoise Powder Figurine  Vajrasattva  (each) UPC: 886354336220
Shipping Weight: 0.05 pounds
Height in Inches: 1.625
Width in Inches: 1.5
Depth in Inches: 0.75
Unit: each
Made Of: Turquoise Powder
Made In: Nepal
Tibetan Buddhists use assorted figurines and images of bodhisattvas as a way to obtain enlightenment. Each of the deities represents different aspects of the Buddha and his teachings. They are used as an aid for meditation or function as a protection. Each figurine has been finely crafted from Turquoise powder and finished with black antiquing.
" Varjasattva is the chief of the Dhyani Buddhas, the indestructible. He holds the vajra thunderbolt (a dorje) at heart level, cleansing the heart and spirit of hatred, ignorance, and desires. Place on your altar or office desk to overcome any negative mental tendencies."
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