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Product code: 17634 - Carved River Stone - Serenity

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Carved River Stone - Serenity UPC: 886354176345
Width in Inches: 1.25
Length in Inches: 1.75
Depth in Inches: 1.25
Diameter in Inches: 3-4
Unit: Each
Made In: Bali
Warning: Natural stone, size is an avarage and will vary from stone to stone.
Inventory Status: Back Order
Our Serenity carved river stones are 100% natural. Each stone is as unique as you are and size and shapes may vary. Carry these inspirational stones to remind you of the power words have on the heart and soul. Measures approximately 3-4 in diameter.
A talisman is a tool that works in a positive way, attracting the forces necessary to create specific beneficial effects through the power of the spirit..
The lotus refers to the complete purification of the body, mind and soul. As the lotus that rises from the sludge of muddy waters, every challenge we experience in our life is the fertilizer that allows the lotus to grow. One day it will emerge so pure and radiant with forgiveness, gratitude, humility and will offers itself, for the benefit of those who can appreciate it.
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