Product code: 52070 - 6-inch Glass Pyramid Box Plain Cobalt Blue (each)

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6-inch Glass Pyramid Box  Plain Cobalt Blue (each) UPC: 886354520704
Shipping Weight: 1.20 pounds
Height in Inches: 4
Width in Inches: 5.75
Length in Inches: 5.75
Depth in Inches: 6
Unit: each
Made Of: Glass
Made In: Canada
Each Art Glass Wishing Pyramid has a mirrored base and a door that opens from the top with a little crystal ball. Ancient Egyptians used the pyramids to generate, transmit and transform energy, known to be a great thoughts amplifier. It is considered the most positive talisman on Earth. Pyramids can be used to energize crystals, pendulums, garden seeds, water, essential oils, and most of all your thoughts. Write a wish on a piece of paper and insert it in the pyramid... Comes with a trilingual information card (English, Spanish, French) Gift boxed. Made in Canada.