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20 Years in business

Kheops started its business in Canada in 1991 and in the USA in 1994; we were selling 3 products at that time. Over the years we have made it our priority to steadily increase our supply of products that have been manufactured using environmentally-sound methods with benevolent concerns for the health of the workers and for helping positive energies prevail during the making of these products.

With our experienced Sales representative traveling throughout the country, you'll receive proven business advice, tips and a chance to access more products than what we offer in our regular catalog. They offer the invaluable service to bring samples to your door so that you can see, feel and smell the product prior to buying.

Our Sales Representatives


Cell: 352-536-4870

Fax: 800-853-2639


Cell: 603-496-0043

Fax: 888-796-8987




Cell: 603-331-2448

Fax: 888-650-5812

Ram : CA-OR ( 97411-97470)- UT ( 84720 to 84790) NV

Cell: 310-614-3562

Fax: 888-601-7076


Cell: 415-686-9100

Fax: 267-937-1132

Brian: OH -Upstate NY (12201 to 12309 and 12801 to 14905) PA (15001-16879)

Cell: 614-400-3819

Fax: 888-808-6632


Cell: 603-502-2549

Fax: 888-308-9021

Chris: CT-DE-MD,NJ-NC( 27927 to 27966) PA-VA-WV

Cell: 603-502-0788

Fax: 888-701-9623

Kheops' Mission

To provide Meaningful Gifts that stimulate consciousness, inspire beauty and create harmony, as well as, support environmentally sustainable and humane manufacturing practices whenever possible.

Kheops' Vision

To create a world of harmony, where a balance and a collaboration exist between people, as it exists in nature, with ethics, care and respect for our surroundings, people and nature.

Customer Service

Our qualified Customer Service is standing by to provide the highest level of service and to offer effective support to build your sales. It is our goal to make your shopping experience with Kheops both profitable and enjoyable.